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Three-toed sloth (364)

Three-toed sloth (class id 364) has 2 important concepts. The full class name is three-toed sloth, ai, Bradypus tridactylus.

Strategic cluster graph

This graph displays the points classified as 'Three-toed sloth' projected in 2D (using T-SNE) based on the importance of their concepts. Therefore, two points are close if they have been classified for the same concepts. The color of each point (image) is determined by the 'most important' concept. Thus, points with the same color share the same 'most important' concept.

Please refer to the following section for visualizations of the concepts.

Concepts visualization

Below, you'll find a visualization of the class concepts. Simply Click on a concept to see natural images that strongly activate that specific concept. The important concepts are highlighted in color and are the ones that are the most important for at least 10 points (images).

Concept alignment with classes
Concept 0
Concept 2
Concept 5
Concept 1
Concept 8
Concept 4
Concept 9
Concept 7
Concept 6
Concept 3

Similar concepts

We have found 16 similar concepts between the class three-toed sloth and other classes.

Here are those concepts: